Wednesday, 20 April 2011


"SHOULDA SAID SOMETHING" // Auntie Annie's - April 12th 2011

Videos from the gig @ Auntie Annies in Belfast are on now, including a mighty display of multi-tasking by John on the song "If I Could & You Ever Would". Also, there is an album of photos on our FLICKR from the gig, and some from rehearsal.

Some other stuff from this month... here's a flattering appearance on Alive and Amplified, a show on the radio station of the Camden Roundhouse. "We Were The Ones" will be on a compilation album by Armadillo Records pretty soon.

Wanna thank everyone who is asking about the first album. We're working constantly on it and still plan for it to come out in 2011. You can listen to another track which was mastered this week on many of our websites and the tunewidget on this website. It's called "Silent Picture Show". Reminder to join us on facebook to be kept up to date.

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