Sunday, 27 February 2011


Tickets for our Scala gig are nearly gone, so you gotta e-mail pretty soon if you're thinking of going. Thanks to anyone who has bought them so far, really appreciated.

Thought I'd post some of the links to podcasts which have played us since the last update.

Insomnia Radio #92 feat.
"If I Could & You Ever Would"

You can hear "Shoulda Said Something" on The Justin Wayne Show, "If I Could & You Ever Would" on Insomnia Radio UK, and as far as we know the first time one of our songs has been introduced in German on a podcast, over at HERE. That was "Shoulda Said..." aswell. Thanks to Ed Ovett for playing "We Were The Ones" on Ed's Mixed Bag, and to Johnny Rockin' Reade for playing "Burning The Tracks" and "We Were The Ones" on different shows. Maximum Threshold (Shoulda Said..) and Newport City Radio (If I Could &...) also. 'preciated.

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